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About GeoPump Inc
Ground water sampling products
Ground Water Sampling Products: continued
Ground Water Remediation Products
Ground Water Pumping Equipment

GeoPump Inc: ground water sampling and groundwater remediation pumping equipment.

GeoPump, Inc., is a manufacturer and supplier of ground water sampling and groundwater remediation pumping equipment.  Located in Medina, NY, the GeoPump staff
has witnessed the emergence and maturity of the ground water sampling market and brings a full line of bladder pumps  and related accessories to the industry. All equipment is compatible with QED and Geoguard systems, and we specialize in replacement parts and service for Geoguard and GeoLog systems.

groundwater sampling

groundwater remediation



GeoPump Cycle Controllers manage the compressed air used to power pneumatic pumps. They are designed with large air paths so as not to restrict the air flow as it moves from the compressed air source to the pump.


GeoPump Cycle Controllers manage the compressed air used to power pneumatic pumps. They are designed with large air paths so as not to restrict the air flow as it moves from the compressed air source to the pump.


Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet virtually any pumping situation, GeoPump 5600 Series Bladder Pumps meet all EPA requirements for representative ground water monitoring in both portable and dedicated situations.


GeoPump dedicated bladder pumps meet rigid U.S. EPA requirements for ground water monitoring, while offering the highest flow rates of any bladder pump of equivalent size. This enhanced performance results from an offset center tube and check valves which produce a straight water path. The larger bore and unrestricted flow path combine to produce higher flow rates for purging and low, consistent flows for sampling.


GeoPump Micro-Flo bladder pumps have been specifically
designed to meet the most stringent U.S. EPA sampling
guidelines for low-flow methods. Utilizing a highly durable,
yet flexible membrane, the pump is a true bladder squeeze design that prevents the drive air from contacting
the liquid sample, assuring no loss of gas sensitive
parameters.When used in a dedicated sampling system and operated by a GeoPump cycle controller and oil-less air compressor, the pump can be adjusted to meet U.S. EPA performance standards over a wide range of lift


Wellhead covers provide a necessary and convenient means of terminating dedicated tubing to the wellhead, supporting the pump, and housing the air water fittings.

Three Standard Closure Styles Are Available:
1. Bell Cap, non-lockable.
2. Flat Cap, non-lockable.
3. Indented, non-lockable.


GeoPump Cold Weather Blow-Outs prevent the water discharge tubing of dedicated bladder pumps from freezing. Cold Weather Blow-Out assemblies include all tubing and necessary fittings.

Cold Weather Blow-Outs for Dedicated Bladder Pumps

With cold weather comes the potential for freezing of the discharge tubes of dedicated bladder pumps. The portion of the tube subject to freezing is the length between the frost zone and top of the well riser. GeoPump's Cold Weather Blow-Out offers a solution. The Blow-Out consists of a compression coupler that splices into the discharge tube ten feet below the top of the casing. A small right angle barbed fitting is installed in the side of the coupler. A small diameter tube is attached to the barbed fitting and extends to the well closure where it terminates at a one-way valve.During pump operation, the one-way valve remains closed, allowing water to discharge normally. At the conclusion of sample collection, the compressed air source is connected to the one-way valve, delivering a short burst of air, which blows the standing water from the water discharge tube. Cold Weather Blow-Outs are recommended in areas where temperatures drop below 25° F. They are not necessary for auxiliary purge pumps or Two-Stage Pumps as these can be blown out with the normal drive air lines.

wellhead bladder pump

controller pneumatic



Lift, flow rate and reliability of a ground water sampling system require a dependable, practically designed and
portable compressed air source. GeoPump air compressors are capable of producing lifts of up to 330 feet and displace sufficient air to provide the highest pumping rates in the industry. All GeoPump compressors are oil free, providing instrument grade air that contains no hydrocarbon in the air stream. GeoPump compressors have earned the reputation as rugged, low maintenance, high performing, portable compressed air sources for pneumatic pumping systems (well development or sampling).


GeoPump purge pumps are often added to the basic dedicated bladder pump system to increase the purging flow rate and decrease field time. Purge pumps offer flow rates up to 3.5 times higher than a conventional bladder pump alone which significantly reduces field costs over the
life of a monitoring program. When used portably and fitted with development swabs, the pump can be surged within the well to dissolve the mud cake around the screened area.


GeoPump Packers are designed to provide a leak proof seal between the well casing and the open or screened interval. The packers are installed on the bladder pump tubing such that the pump is in the sampling zone and the
packer is in the casing immediately above. Between sampling events, the packer is deflated to permit the water level in the well to equalize with the water table. Prior to purging the packer is inflated, thus reducing the volume that must be removed before the sample is collected.


The Model 5750 Shallow Well Sampler is a portable, peristaltic pump with a maximum lift capability of 26 feet. This pump is ideal for purging shallow monitoring wells, cleaning GeoPump bladder pumps and tubing assemblies and a variety of applications where it is necessary to move small volumes of liquid. The medical grade silicone tubing is the only pump component that comes in contact with the liquid. The unit requires 12 VDC power which is supplied by an optional 6 Amp-hour 12 VDC rechargeable gel cell battery, 115 VAC/12 VDC power converter, or 12 VDC power cords for connection to a vehicle battery or lighter socket. It is equipped with a three position power switch which allows it to operate in either the forward (suction) or reverse (purge) modes. Also included is a speed controller, which varies the pumping rate. The unit is housed in a rugged ABS housing.


Proper and complete well development is now recognized
as a crucial component of monitoring well installation. GeoPump Well Development Swabs offer a simple, effective and convenient way to accomplish this important task. Development swabs are typically used in conjunction with GeoPump gas-drive pumps simply by attaching the swab assembly to the threaded intake of the pump. This effectively increases the diameter of the pump to enable the user to produce the proper surging action within the open interval of the well. When the pump is surged up and down within the well, the backwash effect that is created causes fines to migrate into the well and then be pumped to the surface simultaneously.


GeoPump offers a variety of tubing options in twin bonded configurations. Material options of polyethylene, Teflon ® lined polyethylene, or pure Teflon® provide economy and chemical inertness. Bonded tubing eliminates the potential of interference with portable static water level measurement probes

oil free air compressors

tubing well swabs



Small Interface Meter

Smallest Interface Meter Available

The Sm.OIL Interface Meter meets the requirement for a small low cost high quality meter for use in shallow monitoring wells. Why pay for what you do not need?
The 60 ft/20m tape length of the Sm.OIL makes this the ideal unit for most monitoring wells.

The Sm.OIL uses the same technology as the popular HERON H.01L  Interface Meter. The probes are field servicable and the electronics are fully encapsulated for environmental protection. The tape complies with US GGG-T-106E, a recognized standard assuring you of reliable, repeatable and accurate readings.

Constructed of Stainless Steel and Teflon , NSF rated PVC, or all Teflon materials, GEOPUMP 2" Gas Drive Pumps are ideal for ground water remediation pumping. With the inherent safety of fully pneumatic operation, these pumps may be used in ignition-prone situations without expensive, explosionproofing modification. With only two moving parts, the pumps are designed to survive sand, dry pumping and dirty air, cycle after cycle, and year after year. GEOPUMP 2" Gas Drive Pumps operate on a cyclic principle, with the duration of the discharge and refill cycles determined by a cycle controller. When a
compressed air charge is delivered to the pump, it causes the lower (intake) check ball to seat, simultaneously
forcing fluid through the discharge check valve and into the discharge tubing assembly. When the compressed air charge is removed, pressurized air vents from the pump, through the air tube, allowing the pump to refill.


Constructed from Type 316 Stainless Steel or PVC, GEOPUMP Gas Drive Pumps are ideal for ground water remediation pumping.


GEOPUMP Satellite Controllers are used in multiple well, ground water remediation projects to provide a low cost alternative to a primary pump controller at every well. Installed at each remote well head, the Satellite Controllers are connected to the primary cycle controller by 1/4" O.D. "logic" tubing. With pumping frequency determined by the primary controller's discharge and refill timers, pneumatic signals are sent through the "logic" tubing, which opens and closes Satellite Controllers, providing drive air to the remote, pneumatic recovery pumps. Each Satellite Controller can be independently adjusted to provide precise, variable, flow control over its
companion pump.


The GEOPUMP Remote Level Shut-Off Device is a pneumatically operated, liquid level sensor. The device turns the air supply on and off automatically, responding to changes in water level in the well.

The shut-off device has been designed to quick connect onto the inlet air fitting of the Model 50015 Satellite Controller. When the level control valve is closed, no supply air is allowed into the Satellite Controller, which prevents the downwell pump from operating. As the liquid level in the well rises, the level control valve opens, allowing the supply air into the controller to drive the pump.


The GEOPUMP Pneumatic Full Tank Shut-Off is a bubbler
activated liquid level sensor. Automatically responding to
changes in liquid level, the device turns the air supply to the cycle controller(s) off when the tank is full, thereby disabling the downwell pneumatic pump(s).


GEOPUMP Fully Pneumatic Cycle Controllers provide automatic control over downwell recovery pump fill and discharge rates. Housed in a non-metallic, watertight enclosure, the controller features easy to adjust, independent timers assuring optimal pump cycling frequency under any lift and submergence condition. Requiring no batteries or electrical power, the controller is available with or without automatic on/off level control for operating pneumatic pumps used for ground water remediation and/or leachate extraction.


Controller Manifold: The Controller Manifold, with quick exhaust valve, is used in single controller, multiple well systems to distribute the air signal uniformly to satellite controllers. The aluminum manifold plugs directly into the primary cycle controller.

Airline Assembly: Required for single controller,single pump applications, the Model 50090 Airline Assembly attaches directly to the primary cycle controller.


GEOPUMP Well Covers provide a means of terminating dedicated tubing to the well head, supporting the pump, and housing the air and liquid discharge fittings. The standard closure is a non-lockable flat cap, recommended where recovery wells are underground vaults or protective


The GEOPUMP remediation bladder pump features a flexible bladder capable of suction. This allows the pump to operate efficiently in low submergence conditions, and can be positioned above the fluid column in conjunction with a product skimming attachment. Additionally, the bladder provides a barrier between the liquid and the drive air preventing volatile gas emissions. When used for total fluids pumping, the separation of drive air from the fluid eliminates metals precipitation. This pump can also be used for dense NAPL recovery without vacuum assist modules or a fluid column over the pump. The bladder pump can further be converted to a positive displacement gas drive pump by replacing the bladder with a dip tube


GEOPUMP high flow bladder pumps are designed for ground water remediation applications when air contact with the fluid is not desired due to the potential for metal precipitation. Many air driven pumps develop problems in these types of environments so the bladder membrane provides a barrier between the drive air and the fluid pumped. The membrane also prevents volatile gas emissions back to the environment during the exhaust cycle.

small interface meter

well head covers

Examples of available equipment:

Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps provide a cost effective method to purge and sample from shallow wells. Options include the Model 5750 (12-volt DC) or the Model 5751 (12-volt DC and 115-volt AC) Shallow Well Sampler. Purge rates up to 1 gallon per minute with speed control adjustment to permit 100 ml per minute sampling rate.

Well Closures

Well closures are available in lockable and non-lockable configurations for 1-1/2” and larger wells.

Portable and Dedicated Bladder Pumps

Bladder Pumps are available for wells 1-1/2” diameter and larger in PVC or stainless steel options. Various lengths and capacities are available for either low-flow (i.e. micro-purging) or volumetric purging applications.

Bonded twin and single line tubing

Spare Parts and Accessories

Spare parts and accessories are available for all existing systems.  Shown left to right : twin-bonded tubing, single line tubing, replacement bladder cartridges, and tubing connectors.

Bonded tubing is available in a number of sizes in all polyethylene or with a Teflon liner on the water discharge tube.  Tubing can be cut to your exact length specifications up to 500’ continuous.

Oil-less Air Compressors

The unit on the left utilizes a 4 HP gasoline motor (Model 5420H). It is also available without the wheels and handle (specify Model 5404H). The unit on the right (Model 5403) runs off of a 12 volt vehicle battery and is supplied with 16’ long jumper cables.

Electronic Water Level Indicators

Electronic water level indicators are available for standard water level measurement (unit on left) and product thickness detection (unit on right). Units are available with tape lengths starting at 50 feet and up to 500 feet.  Tapes are available in English or metric graduation

Pump Cycle Controllers

Pump cycle controllers are available in fully pneumatic versions or battery operated options, including programmable.  All units include air hose assemblies and battery chargers (if applicable).

Reusable and Disposable Bailers

Shown left to right are disposable PVC, reusable PVC and reusable Teflon bailers.  Disposable bailers are useful for initial site characterization studies.

peristaltic pumps

peristaltic pumps

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