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Containment Booms
Temporary Oil Storage Tanks

Temporary Oil Storage Tanks for Emergencies: Unibag®, EasyTanks and AutoTanks

A high capacity skimmer makes no sense without sufficient storage capacity for the recovered oil.

Markleen manufactures a range of oil storage tanks for emergency use (self supporting, floating collar tanks, open topped tanks with aluminium frames and floating, towable tanks).

Common to all models are their transportability, quick and easy assembly, light yet robust construction and large storage capacity.

Oil Storage Tank Products:

  • Unibag® - Floating Tank
  • EasyTanks - Portable, Aluminium Frame
  • AutoTanks - Portable, Self Supporting

Unibag® - Floating Tank

The Markleen UNIBAG® is a towable temporary storage bladder available in sizes to suit all oil spill response needs, from a few barrels in a harbour to a major accident offshore. It is tough and durable, but easily managed, and is compatible with all other response equipment.

In the event of a grounding or collision, a UNIBAG® can provide the additional temporary storage to minimise the spillage. Often only a small proportion of a damaged tank's content, quickly transferred, can prevent a major disaster. Due to its low weight and compact size, the UNIBAG® is capable of being transported by helicopter to the site of the operation.

Advantages of the UNIBAG® system:

  • Shallow draft
  • Quick deployment
  • Compact storage

EasyTanks - Portable, Aluminium Frame

Markleen EasyTanks are foldable tanks, made from a heavy duty polyester fabric coated with a blend of PVC and dedicated additives which optimise resistance to oil, chemicals, abrasion and UV light.

They are supported by a sturdy marine grade aluminium frame held together by highly resistant plastic fittings. The frame consists of only two kinds of parts, vertical and horizontal, making the tank quick and easy to assemble.

AutoTanks - Portable, Self Supporting

MARKLEEN AutoTanks are designed for temporary oil or liquids storage. These tanks come ready for use and need no assembly as they rise automatically as they are being filled.

The tanks are made of oil and UV resistant PVC coated polyester and feature handles at the bottom to aid tank positioning.

AutoTanks come with a drain connection equipped with a ball valve and a discharge Camlock coupling. They are supplied folded in a transport bag as standard.

Unibag Tank

Easy Tanks

Auto Tanks

Oil Storage Tanks

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