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Gamma Monitoring, Radon Monitoring and Wireless Data Collection

Since more than 20 years GENITRON is active in selected fields of radiation measurement covering development, production and distribution of innovative instruments. Fast growth is based on an innovative product line. We are a recognized partner of both the nuclear industry and public sectors in Germany and worldwide. Through the last years we have gained a high reputation in the professional market especially in environmental and radon monitoring.

We specialize in:

  • state-of-the-art autonomous probes for environmental monitoring(Gamma Tracer)
  • radio transmission of environmental data, especially under extreme conditions(SkyLink) 
  • mobile equipment for radon measurement in soil, air, water and building materials(AlphaGuard)
  • hand-held instrumentation for radiation measurement

The Genitron team has earned itself international acclaim with the radon measuring system AlphaGUARD. The GammaTRACER measuring concept along with the SkyLINK radio wave technology as components of gamma environment control enabled the presentation and establishment of a system providing functional characteristics which are unique worldwide. Current new developments – GammaTRACER XL sensors as well as the new ShortLINK radio technology, show that they are not resting on their laurels but rather they will also be producing innovative products in the future.

Since 1995 we have equipped 20 French power plants with more than 440 GammaTRACER probes as a cost-effective solution for environmental monitoring. Moreover we have taken part in the conception of on-line environmental networks in Europe as a partner of Siemens and Debis.

The SkyLINK system – a proprietary network for radio transmission of data – has made up a new dimension in wireless data collection. The compact set-up offers unreached new possibilities for data transmission for any kind of environmental data, especially in combination with the autonomous GammaTRACER probe.



SkyLink (Wide area Sensor Network)

With the SkyLink System, Genitron Instruments offers a new dimension in wireless data collection. Together with the autonomous data logging probe the SkyLINK System provides a highly cost-effective solution on the long run:

  • SkyLINK is extraordinarily efficient: one system allows the surveillance of even vast areas simultaneously with up to 120 probes.
  • SkyLINK radio probes operate autonomously for at least three years even under harsh environmental conditions
  • SkyLINK does not require any costly infrastructure and maintenance: neither electrical wiring nor telephone lines.
  • SkyLINK networks can be installed and operated typically in one single day.
  • SkyLINK means flexibility which saves cost: both tasks in routine surveillance and civilian protection can be covered with the same system.

ShortLink (Short Range Sensor Network)

The ShortLINK system is a wireless transceiver system designed for connecting low-power sensors or instruments by radio. An online measurement network based on ShortLINK technology consists of following components:

  • the ShortLINK radio module which is connected to the sensor or instrument
  • a mobile ShortLINK receiver including external antenna
  • for high data security with automatic online systems a server computer with database and data management software is available ( DataEXPERT)


Gamma Tracer

Gamma Tracer is a new concept in radiation monitoring, designed and manufactured by Genitron Instruments GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany. Until now two types of system have been used for long term environmental surveillance. Both have advantages and disadvantages:

  • On-line measurement networks represent a relatively significant investment in setting up a fixed infrastructure (mains power, modem or radio communications, installation costs, etc). However, the user has the benefit of continuous on-line information and, in some cases an automatic alarm for emergency situations;
  • Passive integrating TLD dosimeters are flexible, easy to install and, above all, cheap but can not provide information on variations in the radiation level over time or minimum / maximum values because they integrate the dose rate.


Alpha Guard

AlphaGUARD is a portable, battery- or net-operated radon monitor with high storage capacity. In addition to the radon concentration in air AlphaGUARD measures and records also simultaneously ambient temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure with integrated sensors. By combining the monitoring of radon with these associated environmental parameters it is possible to draw valid conclusions regarding the temporal and spatial distribution of the radon gas. This is of significant benefit in radon mitigation.



The new MiniTRACE family is suited for the measurement of gamma- and X-ray ambient radiation respectively for the beta surface contamination. A particular feature of the new lines MiniTRACE ã and MiniTRACE â is besides the simple use which prevents erroneous operation, the realization of a very fast displayed measurement value.

Monitoring system upgrade in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine with SkyLINK

With assistance of the European Union’s Tacis programme SSSIE EcoCentre, the State Specialized Scientific and Industrial Enterprise, located in Kiev, is renewing the automated monitoring system around Chernobyl’s 30 km Exclusion Zone. The contract awarded in December 2005 to the consortium of Ukratom Instruments of Ukraine and Genitron Instruments covered a complete overhaul with 39 new GammaTRACER radio dose rate sensors, nine new aerosol samplers and the SkyLINK radio system to replace an old wire communication system. Genitron provides the complete data management system into which also data from the other sensors are integrated including a meteorological station supplied by them. Factory Acceptance Tests have been performed at Genitron during August 2006, 21 probes of the system were fully installed at Chernobyl site in December 2006. Even probes installed behind the shielded sarcophagus are received well in 16 km distance.

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