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Ambient Air Particulate and Air Gas Monitors
Air Quality Monitoring Systems
Gas and Particulate Samplers
Software, Sensors, Monitoring Enclosures and Particle Inlets
Homeland Security, Industrial Emissions and Combustion Control Products

Homeland Security Products and Industrial Emissions and Combustion Control Products

CBRN - Homeland Security Products

The ASAP sampling system is designed for the detection of intentional or accidental release of airborne toxics. The ASAP can be operated from mains or battery power and has a built in UPS to allow it to continue monitoring if the main power supply fails. The system features a sampling system which concentrates airborne toxics onto a PUF substrate for subsequent analysis by PCR, conventional culture, chemical analysis or other procedure. A special IBASS cartridge offers the latest technology to ensure sample integrity and chain of custody features. The ASAP samples at 200 lpm and is almost silent in operation, it measures about one cubic foot and is therefore unobtrusive and suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

Industrial Emissions and Combustion Control Products

TEOM 7000 Source Particulate Monitor

TEOM based real time, in-stack PM mass concentration monitor. The 7000 is best described as an automated version of the reference methods for source particulate monitoring. The TEOM system measures the mass of stack particulate on a filter which is inside the duct or flue. Sampling is maintained isokinetic throughout the measurement process and results delivered electronically during and immediately after the test. The 7000 can also measure flow, pressure, temperature, moisture, oxygen and other parameters in real time during the particulate test. The 7000 is also ideal for very low PM concentrations (<5mg/m3) due to its superb mass resolution.

Carbon in Ash Combustion Efficiency Monitor

On Line Carbon in Ash Monitor for Coal Fired Power Plant Combustion Control. The 4200 is a second generation monitor with reduced maintenance requirement and improved analytical performance. The 4200 is an automated version of the well accepted reference technique of collection and re-burning of the flyash in order to determine the evolved CO2 from the residual carbon in the ash. The system can resolve very low carbon content with unequalled accuracy and is not affected by coal type or mill settings.

Reaction Kinetics Analyser

TEOM based reaction kinetics monitor for use in materials studies for gas/solid phase mass studies e.g. catalyst and materials research.


Users have applied TEOM Series 1500 PMA Reaction Kinetics Analyzer to the following areas:

  • Coking deactivation studies
  • Poisoning studies
  • Acidity determination
  • Characterization: TPD, TPR, TPO
  • Oxidation catalysts
  • Diffusion, reaction, adsorption kinetics
  • Fuel cell materials
  • Drying kinetics
  • Hydrogen storage characterization

Homeland Security Products

Carbon in Ash Combustion Efficiency Monitor
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